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Bespoke editing solutions for high-end architectural photographers.

Who we are:

The IMGDeck was started in 2014 by the owners of renowned Seattle-based Architectural photography firm, Clarity Northwest Photography.

"We had a need for a level of quality and consistency that just wasn't available from any other photo editing companies. After 8 years of shooting and editing our own photos (and working ourselves to the bone), we decided to do it ourselves and start our own company that could fulfill the needs of our growing photography team."

- Matt Edington (founder - Clarity Northwest Photography, Autofocus, IMGDeck)

This company was built by photographers who are deeply familiar with the industry and the struggles that photographers and photography firms face. Our goal is to eliminate your pain points and work with you to maximize the quality of your work.

We have now grown to a very large collaborative team, working hand-in-hand between our Seattle and Cebu offices. We are slowly opening our doors to provide editing solutions to other select Photographers and teams that share our core values and goals: beautiful, evocative and emotional storytelling through Architectural Photography.

What we do:

We create bespoke photo editing solutions for high-end architectural & real-estate photographers. We work closely with you and your team to develop a style that matches your exact artistic vision and specifications. Then we work tirelessly to achieve this style and remain consistent to your vision with every shoot.

We are NOT a "photo mill" and do not take a conveyor-belt, mass-production type mentality to our photo editing. Our photo artists are trained extensively to recognize and extract the artistic vision in your photography and bring it to the forefront through our editing. There is no once-style-fits-all approach to the way we work.

We employ multiple levels of Quality Control to make sure colors are accurate and consistent, lighting is natural and important details are preserved on every photo. Our dedicated, English-fluent support team is available 24/6 to ensure that our partners are always able to reach us and that we can help or revise photos immediately.


How it works:

The first step is to reach out. We'll set up an introductory phone call with our Seattle-based management team to see if we think we'll be a good fit. We're quite selective with whom we work. We want to ensure that our clients share similar values, goals and recognition for the specialized work we do.

Secondly, we'll edit a shoot for you for free. This gives you an opportunity to see what we can do as a "default". It also gives us an opportunity to determine how to price your photo editing and submit to you a pricing plan. All our plans are "pay-as-you-go" and require no monthly fees or contracts.

If we decide to work together, we'll gather your detailed feedback, talk about the edits and then our team will go through an extensive on-boarding process which enables us to learn your style and vision. We will communicate regularly with you and implement any of your feedback into our style guides.

Our Management, QC and Support Teams:


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